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West Warwick Little League Baseball

Plan #1

January 10, 2023, Wizards Baseball Practice Plan #1

4-6 Tee ball- Chris, Rick, Rook 

7-10 Player and coach pitch- Matt, Zack, Carlos, Josh 

5:00-Intro - Middle of gym - Safety, Expectations, rules, no ball throwing 

5:05-Break into groups- Tee ball backcourt, Player pitch and coach pitch front and middle courts. 

5:15-Ballistic stretches- Shuffle slide, carioka, high knees, jog, sprint * everything is done in a ten-yard increment, and we finish with a burst * 

5:25-Station 1- EDD (everyday drill) Players will receive 3 head on, 3 front hand, and 3 backhand ground balls from their knees. (Keys - feet under their rear end, chest slightly bent over, glove hand out in front with finger facing forward, throwing hand over glove with fingers facing the sky, eyes forward)- reinforce the players to move the glove through the ball) Move to the standup position and repeat! 

5:35-Station 2- Pre- pitch approach - talk to the kids about what a pre pitch approach is, show the 1-2 POP! explain the pre pitch approach is to get them ready to attack the ball. 

5:45-Station 3- Ground ball Stance- Feet shoulder length apart, knees bent, butt high in the air with a flat back, eyes on the baseball, glove out in front fingers pointed to the baseball, throwing hand over mitt with fingers pointed up. (Each child should have a baseball placed on the ground in front of their gloves as a reference point) have the player stand up and repeat. Once the player is comfortable, put the ball in the players glove and have them pull it to the center of their chest, over and over, representing fielding a clean ground ball and bringing it into their bodies. 

5:55-Station 4 Replace your feet- Put cones in a L position. Have player get into a ground ball stance with a ball in their glove just like the previous drill. On “1” have the player pull the ball to their chest. On “2” have the player fire their throwing arm side foot and replace the glove side foot. So they are now in a throwing stance facing a coach. (Keys- do not hop, slide the foot and replace the other foot. Get their arms in throwing position, elbows out, hand in the glove with glove hand covering one side of the chest, and ball hand covering the other side of chest. Also have the child rock into the throwing position by lifting up the front of their foot and rolling into it from their heel)


-Station 5 Replace Feet, Shuffle, Shuffle- Repeat Station 4, but once they get into a throwing position. Have them shuffle their feet forward twice while holding that position. (This will teach them to get directional momentum to make a throw. 

Station 6 (if time)- Cone Drill- 5 cones five feet apart with a ball on top of them. Have player start behind the first cone, on "go”” player should do Pre pitch footwork then run up to the ball and get into a ground ball stance, yell  "go” again and the player should run around the next cone and get into the ground ball stance at the next ball. So on and so on. At the last cone roll the player a ball and have him replace his feet and shuffle, shuffle in a throwing position 

Run Bases- Run through first properly, turning towards foul territory. Then send to 2nd, 3rd and home 

***relay race** 

6:00 -Break down in the middle of Gym "TWO CLAPS"

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